• SF6 Gas Handling Device LT-30
  • SF6 Gas Handling Device LT-30
Manufacturer: Lanfor
Article: С-0000067

SF6 Recover Device LT-30 is designed for electric power industry and switch manufacturer.
This device’s structure are compact, low volume, full function, no oil.
This device has all function, including filtration and dry. All device is installed on a solid metal stand and it has four solidtyres. Even on gravel road, t can walk easily. All devices includes vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, lectromagnetic vacuum installation, oil-free compressor, actuating device, condenser, regenerative filter dryer, precision valve and PLC automatic control system. All device is connected by copper pipe. It uses the technology of tight collar and pressure joint seal. It can ensure reliableand excellent sealing performance of connecting ports between pipelines.

Standard equipment:

  • Oilfree compressor (5 m3/h [at 50 Hz], 50 bar; 5.6 m3/h [at 60 Hz], 50 bar)
  • Vacuum compressor for SF6 gas recovery (6 m3/h, final vacuum < 5mbar)
  • Vacuum pump for air (16 m3/h, final vacuum < 1 mbar)
  • Dry filter
  • Particle filter
  • Pressure reducer
  • Digital weighing scales for SF6 bottles , 0 - 150 kg
  • SF6 bottle connection with W 21.8 x 1/14“ thread + 3/4
  • 3.0 m long connecting cable
Manufacturer Name Price Note
DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH B143R11 SF6 Gas Handling Device
DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH L030R02 SF6 Gas Handling Device
Wika GFU10 SF6 Gas Handling Device
DILO Armaturen und Anlagen GmbH B057R03 SF6 Gas Handling Device